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Video Surveillance Overview
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV is used to assist the eyes of management or security officers to gather and/or record visual information in their absence. The major benefit of CCTV is the ability to be in all places at all times. Video surveillance can view multiple areas of the property from a central point and determine the proper response. With alarm monitoring, CCTV may be used to assist in assessing the alarm activity. It can provide the operator with the ability to survey the area of concern and still maintain viewing of other areas. The use of Multiplexer and VCR or digital recorder can record the activity of all areas under surveillance without the operator present. These video images can be reviewed later to help determine the time, date, and person(s) causing the alarm.

In the past, video surveillance required large cameras with bulky housings. This created a system that was easily noticed and often compromised. Today’s technology allows us the benefit of small covert units (as small as a pinhole) placed discreetly inside or outside with heaters, armor-plated housings, bulletproof domes and multiple viewing angles. These cameras can pan/tilt, zoom in, and view areas with very little and/or no additional light needed at night. With the use of digital recorders, a person or company can now monitor their CCTV system located across the world and view the activity of their employees or property on a remote PC any time of day. This is a useful tool for companies to monitor their employee’s activities and maintain video surveillance of multiple properties 24-hours-a-day from other locations.


  • Area of view
  • Light quality
  • Time of recording
  • Real time recording
  • Access control
  • Alarm verification
  • Climate control
  • Camera protection
  • VCR security

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