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Access Control Overview

The conventional control of a secured area is the lock-and-key system. The problem with this type of system is the key. The key is a piece of metal that gives anyone access to a restricted area without identifying that person. Keys are easily duplicated, lost or stolen, and the cost to change locks and issue replacement keys can be very expensive. Access control is a cost-effective solution to this problem.

Access Control Considerations

  • Type of area to be controlled
  • Number of users
  • Number of doors/gates
  • Method of entry/exit
  • Manual control of portals
  • Access restrictions
  • Temporary users
  • Life safety issues

Access Control may be defined as supervised, monitored or electronically controlled entry or exit to a specific area using cards and/or inputs to an area that is secured. Entry/Exit is allowed only to authorized users during authorized time periods. With access control, each person receives a card and/or PIN number, which allows or restricts access to a specific area at authorized times. If a card is lost or stolen, or if the PIN number is no longer secure, the system can be reprogrammed quickly and easily to eliminate that card/PIN.

An additional benefit of access control is the use of an audit trail; this provides a report of all persons granted or denied access to the secured area. A permanent record of all activity can be maintained for history. CCTV can also record any activity to a controlled area and complement the audit trail history. Access control with the use of CCTV can make security management of a property affordable without the high cost of additional manpower.


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